The This American Life Walk

Lately, I’ve begun listening to This American Life on some of my walks. I don’t listen on every walk because one of the enjoyable things about walking is listening to the sounds of nature. I think of natural sounds, such as birds singing, water running, or the wind rustling the leaves as medicine for the soul. But occasionally it’s nice to listen to a story while walking. An in-depth human interest story can, like nature, refresh and inspire. This American Life is an hour long radio show so if I listen to an entire episode, I know I’ve walked for an hour, which is approximately three miles. I have an app on my phone on that allows me to stream the program.

This walk could be done anywhere, but because it involves having headphones on, it’s best done off roads, like in a park or on a trail. In Bellingham, I usually walk with headphones in Whatcom Falls Park. Within its 241 acres, there are so many trails that I can walk for an hour and rarely retrace my steps.

My Favorite Episodes…

I am inspired to share some of my favorite episodes of This American Life. Perhaps others might have some to share too. I hope you can find time to enjoy one of these.

  • Tell Me I’m Fat ~ June 17, 2016
  • The Perils of Intimacy ~ May 27, 2016
  • In Defense of Ignorance ~ April 22, 2016
  • Anatomy of Doubt ~ February 26,2016
  • Day at the Beach ~ January 31, 2014

I see there are only 8 days left before Aaron and I begin our walk along the Erie Canal! The box of supplies we sent should be at our hotel in Boston by now. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Walking!


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