About us ~ Who and What

on mt hood
Mount Hood, Oregon

It all began last summer, the summer of 2015. My husband, Aaron, and I walked some 450 miles over the Cascade Mountains in Oregon on the Pacific Crest Trail. It took us about 33 days, averaging 15 – 20 miles per day. For us, our hike was the adventure of a lifetime and it has changed and informed our lives in so many wonderful ways.

Now we walk all the time. On weekdays and weekends, we walk. It seems every walk surprises us with a new trail, a new neighborhood, and a renewed sense of place. Most days we just walk out our front door, our day packs loaded with food, water, and rain gear (must have rain gear!). On other days, we might be in Seattle, Vancouver B.C., or the San Juan Islands. We believe we have some pretty amazing walks to share. Some walks are historical, cultural, and urban, while others are rural or in the wilderness.

Our next big walk will begin in early July. We have decided to “backpack” the Erie Canal Trail, which runs from Albany, New York to Buffalo, New York. The 400-mile trail is over 80% completed and roughly follows the old Erie Canal. This will be a historical, urban, and rural hike through small canal villages, large cities, and plenty of open spaces in between. We hope you can follow along! Here is a link to the Erie Canal hiker/biker trail.