The Erie Canal Walk – Day Nineteen ~ Rochester to Adams Basin

Here’s a little info on the “Three Stages of the Erie Canal.”

A bit of information
A bit of information

We saw our first lift bridge in Spencerfort and had lunch here before walking on to Adams Basin.

Spencerville Lift Bridge
Spencerfort Lift Bridge
Adams Basin Lift Bridge with lights on
Adams Basin Lift Bridge with lights on

The day dawned blue and clear promising temps into the 90’s. Fortunately, the humidity was low and we made good time walking the eleven miles to the canal side village of Spencerport. We had lunch at Cafr Machiatto and then the nice ladies who made us an amazing lunch, let us stash our backpacks behind the counter while we walked over the market to get a picnic dinner. We are staying about 3 miles west of Spencerport in Adams Basin tonight at the  historic B and B, Adams Basin Inn, situated a stone’s throw from the canal. The house is reportedly the last remaining original tavern and inn on the original Erie Canal…one of 1500 taverns in operation when the canal was used for transporting cargo. Our innkeepers, Dave and Pat, have run the inn for the past ten years. They were exceedingly welcoming to us despite our dusty shoes and sweaty brows. The house and bar have been restored, giving one an authentic experience of days gone by. Dave treats all his lodgers to a history lesson about the house and the canal in general. Pat is very nutrition conscience and creates wholesome delicious breakfasts, She also treats her guests to homemade chocolate chip cookies. We feel very fortunate to have lodged here. There is a lift bridge right on the canal at the inn. There are sixteen lift bridges on the barge canal. The one at Adams Basin is the third we’ve seen. There are two up ahead in Brockport and one at Holley where we will camp on Sunday.

Adams Basin Inn
Adams Basin Inn
Adams Basin Lift Bridge
Adams Basin Lift Bridge

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2 thoughts on “The Erie Canal Walk – Day Nineteen ~ Rochester to Adams Basin

  1. jenny blythe July 25, 2016 / 12:33 pm

    That B&B. Sure looks beautiful! I have been showing my parents your posts and they are thoughly enjoying them! They have been worried about humidity for you. Anyways, keep on trecking. So glad you have been finding good food too! Take care! Jenny and her upstate family

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    • bellinghamwalks July 25, 2016 / 1:04 pm

      Everyday is a new day here in New York. We are really enjoying this walk though admittedly challenging at times. The storms are beautiful and a little scary. Hope all is well…ox


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