The Erie Canal Walk – Day Twenty-Four ~ Medina to Lockport

Yesterday continued…

I forgot a couple tidbits I had intended to include yesterday. We thought this was an interesting moment. At this spot, we are very close to Lake Ontario, maybe 8 to 10 miles. Neither of us have seen Lake Ontario but hope to next week. You can really see the absolute lack of shade in this section. In a word: brutal.

Sign says it all...
Sign says it all…

We read this on the lift bridge in Holley. We are guessing that the lift bridges are more than 100 years old. How cool , right!?

Holley Lift Bridge plaque
Holley Lift Bridge plaque


We walked about 18 miles today. It was long, hot, and muggy but we made good time, arriving in Lockport around 2pm.

Long day...
Long day…

We saw more apples today and this smoke stack, which must been at Lake Ontario. It was SO tall.

Apples in Northwest NY State
Apples in Northwest NY State
Smoke stack at Lake Ontario
Smoke stack at Lake Ontario; typical farm in Upstate NY

Lockport is home to the “flight of five,” which refers to the series of five side by side locks built to climb the Niagara Escarpment, a 70 foot high cliff of sedimentary rock. The double locks enabled boats going opposite directions to keep moving. They remind me of escalators. The city has restored one side of the original locks while the other was enlarged to accommodate modern watercraft. Here’s a little information.

Early locks at Lockport, NY
Early locks at Lockport, NY
A little info...
A little info…
Another buoy cute!
Another buoy boat…so cute!
Base of locks at Lockport
Base of locks at Lockport

This video is a little grainy but give an idea of the sound and sites.

This video doesn’t exist

I’m so glad tonight is the last night of the DNC. Since we are on the east coast, we are watching in real time. President Obama began speaking around 10pm our time. We are staying up way too late to watch, but who wouldn’t want to watch our beloved president give his final address to our nation?

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2 thoughts on “The Erie Canal Walk – Day Twenty-Four ~ Medina to Lockport

  1. acubellingham July 29, 2016 / 1:44 pm

    Thanks, as always! So interesting! What a journey you’ve had.


  2. Leah Martaindale July 29, 2016 / 10:31 pm

    Looking forward to hearing more about Lockport! And yes! Isn’t Obama a wonderful speaker!!!

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