The Erie Canal Walk – Day Three ~ Scotia to Amsterdam

We managed an early start  from the campground.  The walk began beautifully, flat and meandering next to the wide Mohawk River.  The sky was low and overcast, which kept the temperature cool.  The trail took us next to lush pastureland and ancient orchards adjacent to the old Erie Canal towpath on which we were walking. Just when we felt settled and happy at being able to spend the day in this pastoral beauty, the trail ended and we had to walk on a fairly busy hi way for 7 miles. That really tested my mettle. After that, we decided to skip over any areas with actual highway walking. Back roads would been fine but not highways.

Aaron beside "Clinton's Ditch"
Aaron beside “Clinton’s Ditch”
Ghost Bike at busy highway crossing on the trial
Ghost Bike at busy highway crossing on the trial
Sign with Ghost Bike
Sign with Ghost Bike

We did pass a number of fellow trail users. There was a group of about 20 bikers all wearing the same green tee shirts going east. A man and woman on a tandem bike passed going west. They are long gone by now. One thing I know for sure after today is that the distance on google maps is much farther then it appears on your phone. ( :





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